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Voluntary Benefits

Wieczorek Insurance is pleased to offer Voluntary Benefits via our in-house Voluntary Benefits Broker Marie Terhune. Marie works with the top carriers in the industry, including Aflac and Colonial Life, to provide solutions to business owners faced with the pressures of rising health care costs and increasing deductibles and copayments.

Voluntary Benefits are designed to help supplement the standard benefits a business offers. At no cost to your business, you can bring in benefits that provide your employees with cash payments when they seek medical treatment for accidents, hospitalization, pregnancy, cancer, and more. In addition, we can provide Short Term Disability benefits and Life Insurance on a voluntary basis at no cost to the employer.

Voluntary benefits are employee paid through payroll deductions. These benefits do not change or replace any existing benefits, they complement them. More than half of the country’s employers provide Voluntary Insurance, tapping into a remarkably easy way to look after the well-being of its workforce.

Please feel free to contact Marie Terhune at 603-377-9577 or if you would like to discuss bringing in Voluntary Benefits for your employees.

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